Litters Due

Matilda (Chadeaus Kansas Belle) at 8 weeks of age

WARNING: There is concern that some breeders are asking for a non-refundable 'booking fee'. I can't fathom why? Please avoid being ripped off by these greedy breeders, and source your puppy from a reputable breeder. 

How much are puppies?: The majority of breeders are charging between $3500 and $4000. With high demand, and minimal supply, some are charging $5000 and over. Please refrain from paying these massively inflated prices. If people continue to support these 'greeders', they will effectively be contributing to a price hike, as other breeders will follow. 

Update - August 2020: We have no litter plans in the next 2 years.


ATTENTION: Due to COVID-19, some reputable Registered breeders have delayed their breeding plans due to Social isolation posing a far from ideal environment in which to raise our puppies. Most Registered breeders ensure that their puppies have met a wide variety of people of all ages, and have been introduced to a lot of different experiences, surfaces, textures, sounds, etc., to ensure adequate socialisation to give you the best start in having a confident pup. Now, with social isolation in place, you will be unable to continue the CRITICAL socialisation of your puppy which may result in behavioural issues which ultimately lead to people rehoming their dog or taking them to a shelter.

Unfortunately, this paves the way for 'puppy farm' type operations to supply puppies for those desperate to add one to their family in these testing times. PLEASE, do not support these 'breeders' who are breeding only for the $, rather than for the genuine love of our breed. Instead, if you can not wait for a pup from a Registered breeder, would you consider providing a loving home for a dog from a shelter or rescue organisation?

In addition to the above, also please consider whether you can financially support a dog at this time, or if your financial situation changes dramatically. With people being 'laid off' or asked to take reduced hours, for many this is not a good time to be purchasing a dog who may require thousands of dollars worth of veterinary care. PLEASE - consider the dog, and not just your own wishes.


Chadeaus puppies are wormed every 2 weeks, registered with Dogs Vic (Limited Register), vaccinated and micro-chipped at 6 to 7 weeks of age and thoroughly checked by our vet.

They also go to their new homes with 6 weeks' pet insurance through Petplan and a comprehensive information pack including lots of photos and videos of their first 8 weeks. Our puppies leave for their new homes between 8 and 9 weeks of age.


For future puppy enquiries (2022 at the earliest), please complete our Puppy enquiry form below:


Puppy enquiry form:


Feel free to check out photos of our previous litters, by clicking on the tabs on the left of the screen!



 *** Please be wary of breeders asking for deposits for puppies BEFORE they are born. This is not common practice and some of these 'breeders' are not refunding deposits when a puppy is not available, which is unethical. Please take the time to meet your breeder prior to handing over a deposit so that you can be sure that you are happy with their breeding practices and the conditions in which your puppy is reared.

Your breeder can offer you support and guidance throughout the life of your puppy: it pays to ensure that you are comfortable with him/her!











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